Adriana asana 2

Mysore style classes are held Sunday through Thursday, led  and beginners classes on Friday. Classes are not held on new and full moons.  Please see the moon day calendar – to be updated for 2020…


Sunday:                            Mysore 8am to 10am

Monday -Thursday:      Mysore 6:45 am to 10am (last entry at 7:45 am), late morning classes on Monday (not through the month of January 2020) and Thursdays until 11am (latest arrival at 9am)

Tuesday:                        Evening Mysore/beginner class from 18:00 to 20:00

Friday:                              Traditional led Sanskrit primary series 7am



  • Six class pass to be used within six weeks of purchase: Euro 75
  • Twelve class pass to be used within 8 weeks of purchase: Euro 120
  • Monthly unlimited: Euro 130